SilencERmarine is now a Stopson Italiana brand

Stopson Italiana based in Milan (Italy),

leader in industrial soundproofing systems, has recently acquired the brand SilencERmarine, with the aim of increasing its offering in the market of noise control for marine equipment.

SilencERrmarine products and services’ addition to its current portfolio will allow to further strengthen Stopson Italiana’s presence on the naval/marine market with interesting growth prospects, ready to accept the challenges of the competitive global market.

SilencERmarine is a well-recognized brand in the world of marine equipment and noise control, specialized in the production of soundproofing systems for the luxury sector of the boating/yachting industry.

SilencERmarine proven know-how covers the development, manufacturing, and turn-key installation of the following:

  • Stainless steel and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) silencers,
  • Complete exhaust systems (R.I.Na. – Italian Naval Registry, D.N.V., and Lloyd’s Register approved),
  • All components and accessories required to supplement installations of the above products

Here at Stopson Italiana, we believe the experience and knowledge in noise attenuation of marine/naval equipment from SilenceERmarine, combined with the strong and global sales network of Stopson Italiana, can increasingly sustain the growth of the Company.

For 50+ years Stopson Italiana has been offering advanced technological solutions for the leading players in fields such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Industrial sectors, guaranteeing high-efficiency performance in terms of a significant reduction of noise and optimization of operating performance at customers’ facilities.


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