Environmental Integrity and Low Emissions: Power-Gen relies on digital progress

Everything is ready for the 25th anniversary of Power-Gen, coming next June 27-29. Main focus: digital technologies and renewable energies.

“Making sense of power in Cologne 2017”. This is the payoff spotted for the Power-Gen Europe, international Oil & Gas event taking place in Cologne, next June 27-29.

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After a highly successful show in Milan, Power-Gen Europe moves to Cologne (Germany) the place where the transition is most meaningful.

In facts, the European power segment is re-defining itself, trying to align with the most complex features arisen by digital age. In order to attain the most prominent technological implementations onto the Power Generation scenario, three days of plenary sessions have been scheduled.

The purposes pertain to several areas:

  • Power Plant Technology
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Renewable Sources
  • Energy Service Providers
  • Energy Utilities


Since its founding in 1993, the forum has been taken place annually at different locations. Attracting a worldwide audience, it is the industry’s premier event, resolved to discussing solutions for advancing Europe’s energy future. Hence Big Data and automation for the future of Power Generation. Relying on the variety of data collected during the power generation process, it will be soon possible to obtain new methods to support better decision and optimized operations.

Featuring the leading suppliers, sub-suppliers, service providers and end-users across the entire value chain, the trade-show encapsulates all aspects of today’s centralised and distributed power generation sector.



28 June 2017 – 09:00-12:30

Europe’s future energy security will be greatly enhanced by a robust, efficient and competitive gas system. The workshop will face the challenges and risks concerning the development of a secure and affordable European gas market.



28 June 2017 – 14:00-17:30

Efficient emissions management reduces energy and consequential costs, and increases corporate reputation and environmental integrity. This workshop provides an independent and objective assessment of emissions management from both a market and policy perspective.


The PowerGen Europe
Tuesday, 27 June / Thursday, 29 June
Cologne – Germany