Stopson Turkiye acquires a new key accreditation with the ASME Certificate for U-Stamp

Stopson Turkiye makes the first step towards the highest manufacturing performance for unfired pressure vessels: ASME Certificate for U-Stamp achieved!

An introduction to U-Stamp and ASME Certificate

U-Stamp is the official acknowledgement that an unfired pressure vessel is designed, manufactured and controlled in accordance with ASME VIII Div.1 Rules.

ASME Codes are the most famous international references for manufacturing of pressure retaining equipment that allow the installation of safe equipment, available to resist for all its life cycle to any design and process condition, with safety margin avoiding undesired failures.

U-Stamp is also the fundamental requirement that any pressure retaining equipment needs to have in order to be installed in North America.

This achievement thus certifies the capability of Stopson Turkiye to deliver silencers manufactured according to the highest standard and that can be installed all over the world, in any plant and at any condition.

The process

ASME Certificate of Stopson Turkiye means that any silencer which needs a U-Stamp Robust mechanical and structural analysis from qualified Engineering Team

  • Efficient and well-oiled internal management process
  • Highest quality check on raw material
  • Detailed check on all manufacturing activity under supervision of qualified QC Department 
  • Review of engineering and manufacturing procedure by ASME qualified consultant agency

Personnel and processes involved in manufacturing of silencers according to ASME VIII Div.1 are constantly trained and informed in case of any latest release of the Codes, or of internal QC Manual.

Year after year our team and our organization will be certified, confirming top level processes and ensuring to all our customers the guarantee of top ranked products.

The team

The certification process commenced early December 2023 and, with support of ASME Authorized Inspection Agency, led to conclusion in just 3 months thanks to the close and productive cooperation of an amazing Team:
  • Technical Manager: Olgay Yıldırım
  • Design Manager: Luca Fenini
  • Quality Team Leader: Umut Güven
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: Ayşe Turgut
  • III Level Inspector: Ekim Tepe

Thanks to the amazing team for achieving this milestone!

In-Line Silencers by Stopson Italiana

In-Line Silencers are a type of Silencers designed to mitigate the noise produced by valves or compressors

These silencers, characterized by their exclusive design and manufacturing, require in-depth engineering expertise, field experience, and meticulous quality processes to ensure the delivery of high-performing and safe products.

In-Line silencers are adept at reducing the noise emitted by control valves or compressors within pipelines

By strategically integrating In-Line Silencers into the piping system, noise levels can be effectively diminished. 

If interested in learning more about Stopson Italiana’s In-Line Silencers, including details about specialized materials, testing procedures, and the engineering process, click HERE.

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