Stopson Italiana supplied In-Line Silencer for Gas Compression Station in Denmark

No. 2 In-Line Silencers took their place along the Compression pipeline to provide a noise reduction up to 25 dB.

Gas Compression Station – Egtved: The natural gas plant consists of four compressor units and service buildings, supplying the central intersection of the gas pipelines connection north-south from Germany and east-west to Sweden.

The goal of the project was to ensure the best soundproofing performances while maintaining the maximum flow rate within the pipeline. After intense testing, Stopson Italiana developed silencers with special materials suitable for sound absorbing in a pressurized environment. In order to allow higher velocities than standard sound-absorbing material compared to actual flow density, these materials are not directly exposed to the flow, thus maintaining higher initial acoustic performance.

The solution – recently installed – includes the supply of 12” and 16” In-Line Silencers featuring the following characteristics:

  • 82.5 barg design pressure
  • -28° minimum design temperature
  • 22 mm shell thickness
  • In-shop hydro-tested at 123.75 barg
  • PED category IV module G certification

In addition to the above, the acoustic guarantee for supplied silencers is 25 dB(A) of sound power in a fluid vein!

Our offering for Pipelines

Silencer typology: In-Line Silencer

In-Line Silencers are pressurized silencers aiming to reduce the noise generated by valves or compressors.

Being a piece of exclusive design and manufacturing, in-line silencers require deep engineering knowledge, field experience, and accurate quality processes to deliver high-performing and safe products.

The peculiarity of the chosen solution is that noise attenuation is achieved by means of a reactive component only, without the use of an absorbing section.

Stopson Italiana provides for all the silencers the contractual acoustic guarantee of sound energy in a fluid vein resulting in an approx 30 dB attenuation!


Features of Stopson Italiana In-line Silencers are:

  • Small, compact construction and high acoustic performance
  • High flow velocity
  • Available in most used pipe diameters and pressure ranges
  • Wide application range
  • High structure-borne attenuation along with the silencer


⟶ For More Information about Stopson Italiana Silencers click HERE 

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