Stopson Italiana delivers Engine Exhaust Special Silencer to CHP Plant in Portugal

Successful installation of an engine exhaust silencer for Capwatt Maia Heat Power S.A. Cogeneration plant.



Stopson Italiana has recently supplied a large size exhaust silencer, SM Special Model, for Wartsila engine installed in a Cogeneration Power Plant, located nearby Maia, in Portugal.
Stopson’s engine exhaust silencer has reactive and absorptive modules in a single body. This acoustic device muffles noise caused by exhausting from cogeneration engine, i.e. as exhaust gases pass through the silencer, noise is diffused and progressively attenuated.

pictureThe gas enters the first stage silencing chamber, where the noise is dissipated. Then the process is repeated into the second chamber, which reacts through a special Venturi with the first one. Main functional data: flow rate 45360 kg/h, design temperature of 374°C, pressure drop of 150 mm H₂O, 65 dB(A) residual SPL at 90° and at 1 m from the chimney outlet.

Each silencer reduces noise differently: the larger the size, the higher the reduction. This engine exhaust silencer has required an accurate fuid-dynamic study in order to comply with problems of transportation and assembly, since the exhaust silencer total weight was of 10000 Kg, while ensuring high acoustic performance, in particular at low frequencies, along with with very low pressure drop.

Stopson’s industrial silencers provide the best performance for all engine applications, either standard or customized models, they can reduce sound emission levels without affecting engine performance.
After installation, acoustics performances are usually tested in order to prove compliance of actual noise emissions with required levels and to ensure plant sustainability within the existing environment.

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