Stopson Italiana delivers 30 Vent Silencers to Karbala Refinery in Iraq

Flawless completion of the supply to HDGSK JV for the SCOP refinery plant in Karbala province.

Stopson Italiana has recently completed delivery of 30 silencers to be installed at Karbala Oil Refinery in Iraq for HDGSK JV, the joint venture led by Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HEC) with GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, SK Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Hyundai Engineering Company Limited.

The whole supply has been divided into three batches applicable to different plant sections:

  • 10 vent silencers for the chemical equipment section including vacuum distillation, i.e. steam and mix of steam and methanol or H2, with flow rates from 10 to 40 t/h, temperatures from 388 °C to 456 °C, noise levels 85-90 dB(A) @ 1 m.
  • 15 vent silencers for the petroleum processing section, i.e. steam, mix steam air and N2 with flow rates from 0.5 to 33 t/h, temperatures from 194 °C to 375 °C, noise level 85 dB(A) @ 1 m.
  • 5 vent silencers for the utilities section, i.e.HP-LP-MP-Start-Up steam, with flow rates from 6.6 to 73 t/h, temperatures from 220 °C to 400 °C, noise level 90 dB(A) @ 1 m.

All silencers have been engineered according to the highly demanding EPC and end user’s technical specifications and manufactured in Italy in special materials, including stainless steel for internal components.

2015-11-30 10.42.55Stopson’s Vent Silencers can be installed downstream any device acting as a link between a container of pressurized gaseous fluid and the atmosphere. The vent silencer can also provide high or low back pressure relief for the system ensuring proper operation.

Vent silencers can be reactive, absorptive or combined type depending on applications and required attenuation, which can reach as much as 75 dB(A).
SPM Vent Silencers, used for higher flows and back pressure, are based on a combined reactive and absorptive principle for noise reduction: the gases expand to atmospheric pressure through a perforated diffuser, providing a first important step in attenuation; the flow evolves into a sound-absorbing lining section to further contribute to reach required noise residual level.PSP

PSP Vent Silencers, used for lower flows and back-pressures, feature an expansion chamber upstream the final absorptive section with no diffuser at the inlet.

A special sound-proofed weather hood is finally heading flow and noise upward, while delivering an effective rain protection and drainage.

Typical Applications for vent silencers are:

  • Safety Valve (PSV)
  • Relief valve (PRV)
  • Control valve
  • Ejector
  • Start up valve
  • Snort-valve
  • Flash and Blow Down Tanks
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