Stopson Italiana Acoustic Enclosures delivered to Trigeneration plant in Dovera, Northern Italy

No. 3 Acoustic Enclosures to soundproof trigeneration plant

Trigeneration plant – Dovera: The new combined electricity and thermal power generation plant, consisting mainly of a 1,200 kW internal combustion engine, a recovery boiler, and a lithium bromide absorber for the generation of chilled water. This package will ensure a more efficient and competitive operation, allowing a reduction of energy costs and a lower environmental impact.

The electricity generated and the thermal energy. will be fully used by the production site, with significant savings both economically and in terms of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This plant will allow a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by about 14.5%, compared to separate production. The importance of meeting environmental requirements is well known to management, who decided to partner with Stopson Italiana for soundproofing the plant.

The new plant is among the most modern available today, and it needed to be paired with custom soundproofing products to keep up performance and ensure noise reduction.

The project – which has been recently completed – includes the supply of N°3 Acoustic Enclosures featuring the following characteristics:

  • N° 1 Load-bearing Monobloc Enclosure for Cogenerator:
    Dimensions: Width mm 3.000 – Length mm 14.200 – Height mm 3.000
  • N° 1 Load-bearing Monobloc Enclosure for Transformer
    Dimensions: Width mm 3.000 – Length mm 3.150 – Height mm 3.000
  • N° 1 Removable Enclosure for Absorber
    Dimensions: Width mm 4.500 – Length mm 11.400 – Height mm 3.500


In addition to having soundproofing characteristics, the sound-absorbing material provides the structure with properties of incombustibility and inalterability. The structure was designed by a team of structural engineers to withstand different weight levels and any seismic risks too.

The soundproof cabin guarantees a residual average sound pressure level in the free field of 65 dB(A), measured at 10 meters from the cabin.

Stopson Italiana Solutions – Acoustic Enclosures


Stopson Italiana has been present for decades in the world market of soundproofing as one of the leading producers of acoustic enclosure and control cabins.

The soundproofing solutions reduce noise pollution due to various sources, including the main turbines, auxiliary engines, internal combustion engines and generating sets, mobile power generators (mounted on trailers) for the production of electricity, cogeneration plants, natural gas compression units, starting and vacuum pumps, blowers, fans, mills, presses, vibrating devices, power transformers, and boilers.

Stopson Italiana’s Acoustic Enclosures feature:

  • Noise reduction from 15dB(A) to 65dB(A) +
  • Vibration dampers, anti-shock systems with sound emission control settings
  • Combustion air intake unit with optional air filtration
  • Removal of exhaust gases from combustion engines
  • Internal / external applications
  • Natural, induced or forced ventilation system
  • Integrated lighting, fire protection systems, air conditioning
  • Modular solutions
  • Easy access for operation and maintenance with removable panels or sliding hoods
  • Installation service

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