Engine Exhaust Special Silencer for CHP Plant in Portugal

Capwatt Maia - Heat Power, SA - Maia Portugal - 2016

Large size Exhaust Silencer (SM Special), for Wartsila engine.
Flow rate 45360 kg/h, design temperature of 374°C, pressure drop of 150 mm H₂O, 65 dB(A) residual SPL at 90° and at 1 m from the chimney outlet.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack Silencer for hospital structure

Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy - 2013

Cylindrical cartridges into vertical stacks downstream HRSG and on by-pass. Dinamic Inserion Loss on measured noise without silencers: 27 dB(A) on by-pass and 32 dB(A) on main stack. Flue gas flow rate about 47 kg/s. Exhaust gas temperatures 170 °C and 486 °C. Pressure drop less than 20 mm H2O for by-pass and 35 mm H2O on the HRSG.

Exhaust Stack Silencer for 400MW CHP Plant

Vogher CHP Plant, Pavia, Italy - 2003

Splitter silencer into the vertical stack downstream HRSG. Residual Sound Power Level < 95 dB(A). Flue gas flow rate 651 kg/s. Pressure drop less than 20 mm H2O.

Exhaust Stack Silencer for Geothermal Plant

Lardello Plant, Pisa, Italy - 1997

Series of soundproofing splitters inserted into an external concrete casing for geothermal plant. Robust construction suitable to accept debris or mud coming from the well. Materials suitable for the particular corrosive fluid.

Enclosures for TG50 Gas Turbines/Auxiliaries

Power Generation Plant, Montalto di Castro, Italy - 1994

Sound-proofed enclosures with forced ventilation on gas turbine and auxiliaries and weather hood on generator. Residual sound pressure level 45 dB(A) at 120 m distance from the complex turbine-auxiliaries and generator. Asymmetric ventilation with emergency independent extraction groups.