Soundproofing Doors for F1 Test Cells

F1 Test Cells - 2022 - Italy

No.4 Double Acoustic and Fire-resistant Doors with a single hinged.

- 2 Doors 2400X1800X120 (height*width*thickness). EI 180 fire insulation rate;

- 2 Doors 2400X1800X120 (height*width*thickness). EI 180 fire insulation rate.

Multi-inlet Vent Silencers for Pulp Mill in Brasil

Pulp Mill - 2021 - Brazil

No.2 Steam Vent Silencer featuring the following characteristics:

Ø 3250 mm x H 4100 mm, noise abatement of 85 dB (A) at 1 m

Ø 2000 mm x H 820 mm, noise abatement of 85 dB (A) at 15 m

Enclosure for Hardening

Montelabbate Plant, Pesaro-Urbino, Italy - 2003

Enclosure on glass hardening plant. Maximum visibility through wide windows. Big exhaust silencer for hot air discharge by means of natural draft ventilation. Easy access through doors complete of self-tightening device to avoid acoustic and hot air leakage.

F1 Engines Test

Maranello Plant, Modena, Italy - 2004

Complete sound-proofing for F1 engines test cells. Special double doors and windows. Fire rated REI 90 doors. Attenuations of 70 dB(A). residual sound pressure level 50 dB(A) at 50 m. ventilation flow rate of 50.000 m3/h. Acoustic sound-proofing lining on walls and roof.

Anechoic Chamber for
Appliances Testing

Pordenone Home Appliances Plant, Italy

Hemi-anechoic chamber for appliances acoustic test. Modular construction for an easy dismantling. Cut frequency 125 Hz. Non-combustible sound absorbing materials. Incandescent internal lighting. Hi performing sound-proofed ventilation in order not to injure acoustic chamber performance.

Testing Facility

La Spezia Plant, Italy - 1980

Missile engine test bed. Wide splitter intake silencers in order to minimize inlet pressure drops. Stack and exhaust silencer having the right shape to allow the best mixing of hot and cold flow rates. High acoustic performance to minimize disturbance to the neighborhood.