Vent Silencers for Oil Refinery in Bahrain

Oil Refinery - Bahrain - 2022

n. 1 HP Export Steam Silencer designed for Safety Systems (...);

n. 1 HP Export Steam Silencer.

n. 60 PSIG Steam Vent Silencers.

n. 110 PSIG Steam Vent Silencers.

Covering the following areas:

  • Safety Systems;
  • Boilers;
  • Blow Out and Clean up;
  • Ventilation Systems.

In-Line Silencers for Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), Greece, Albania, Italy - 2020

Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Receiving Terminal – Melendugno, Italy
Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Compressor Station – Kipoi, Greece
Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Compressor Station – Fier, Albania
Nr 1 Silencer – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Metering Station – Bilisht, Albania

For all silencers, the contractual acoustic guarantee is 127 dB (A) of sound power in a fluid vein!

Vent Silencers for OMSK Oil
refinery plant (Russia)

OMSK Oil Refinery, Russia - 2019

1 V.S. - 750 kg, Flow rate 12 t/h, Temp. up to 538 °C,  noise levels 78 dB(A) @ 1 m.
2 V.S. - 2375 kg, Flow rates 30,9 t/h, Temp. up to 300 °C, noise level 78 dB(A) @ 1 m.

All silencers were implemented with Anti-freezing Steam System.

In-line Silencers for Gas Compression Station in Denmark

Gas Compression Station (Egtved), Danmark - 2019

Nr 1 In-Line Silencer - DN 12” - Design Pressure: 82.5 barg - 1700kg
Nr 1 In-Line Silencer - DN 16" - Design Pressure: 82.5 barg - 2000kg

For all silencers, the contractual acoustic guarantee is 25 dB (A) of sound power in a fluid vein!

Pulse-Jet Filter houses for Blower packages in Egypt

Ain-Sokhna Phosphatic Fertilizer Complex, Egypt - 2019

2 Filter house pulse jet type for a flow of 172189 Nm3/h
2 Inlet and Duct Silencer from filter house to blowers
2 Acoustic Enclosure for blowers
4 Exhaust Silencers on blowers discharge

The acoustic warranty covers 82 dbA SPL, at 1m from each unit supplied.

Combined Ventilation System
for Gas storage plant

Gas Compression Station (Seregnano and Minerbio), Italy - 2017

12+8 Ventilation System Buildings for the natural gas Compression Stations in Sergnano and Minerbio (Italy).
The acoustic warranty covers a noise level reduction of 30 dB(A) SPL at 1mt.

EAC certified Silencers for Refinery
and Petrochemical plant

Coru Project (Moscow) and  Kingisepp Project (Kingisepp), Russia - 2017

C.O.R.U. Project (Moscow) – n.10 SPM and PSP Vent silencers. Flow rates from 0,4 to 46 t/h. Temperatures from 150 °C to 450 °C, noise levels 80 dB(A) @ 1 m.
Kingisepp Project  – No. 9 SPM Vent Silencers. Flow rates from 1 to 130 t/h. Temperatures from 110 °C to 515 °C, noise level 85-110 dB(A) @ 1 m.

Vent Silencers for SCOP Oil
refinery plant (Karbala-Iraq)

Karbala Oil Refinery (South Karbala), Iraq - 2016

10 V.S. for chemical equipment. Flow rates 10-40 t/h, temp. 388- 456 °C, noise levels 85-90 dB(A) @ 1 m.
15 V.S. for petroleum processing section. Flow rates 0.5-33 t/h, temp. 194-375 °C, noise level 85 dB(A) @ 1 m.
5 V.S. for the utilities section. Flow rates 6.6-73 t/h, temp. 220-400 °C, noise level 90 dB(A) @ 1 m.

Vent Silencers for Jazan
IGCC Project (Saudi Arabia)

Jazan IGCC Plant (Saudi Arabia) - 2016

15 Oxygen, 15 Process Steam, 15 Start-up Steam and 4 HHP Steam Silencers for the gasification unit at Jazan IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plant project. 

Sliding Enclosures for
Valve Station

Pipeline Valve Stations, Various, Italy - 2011/2015

Sliding sound-proofed hoods on reducing pressure complex for natural gas distribution plants. Full stainless teel construction. Certified in accordance to ATEX Directive. Sound pressure abatement of 30 dB(A) on the typical noise generated by the valves group.

Vent Silencers for Petrochemical
Process Plant

Ruwais Petrochemical Complex, UAE - 2010

Steam vent silencers on safety and start-up valves. Residual sound pressure levels not higher than 115 dB(A) on safety valves and 85 dB(A) on start-up valves. Flow rates from 12 to 23 kg/s. temperatures between 250 °C to 360 °C.

Enclosures for PGT25
Turbocompressor Units

Korba Pipeline Station, Tunisia - 2007

Unit buildings on turbo-compressors groups for PGT 25 GE. 2 bridge cranes inside 22 and 5 metric tons. Ventilation flow rate 140.000 m3/h assured by 4 axial fans (2x50%). Residual sound power level coming out from any ventilation opening or from entire building not higher than 76 dB(A).

Gas Turbine Enclosure, Intake
and Exhaust Stack Silencers

Terranuova Bracciolini Pipeline Station, Arezzo, Italy - 2004

Unit buildings on turbo-compressor groups, exhaust silencers and stacks, filtration houses and intake silencers on a Solar Mars 100 SoLoNox gas turbine. Residual sound pressure level not higher than 48 dB(A) at 80 m distance from the complex. Exhaust gases flow rate 98 m3/s. Exhaust gas temperature 470 °C. Max pressure drop at intake, dirty filters, < 100 mm H2O.