Installation, commissioning and testing services to complement Stopson's sound-proofing solutions offering.
Post-delivery assistance, acoustics surveys and measurements to make our support fully exhaustive for any customer's needs.
When it's time to, this is how we get closer to you.

Installation Services

STOPSON ITALIANA can provide technical assistance, supervision and manpower during product installation, commissioning and testing to ensure smooth execution and start-up of the plant section.

Our engineers specialties are:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Instrument Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Craftsman

STOPSON offering for site services can include either hourly rates, hours-voucher, lump-sum or turnkey, depending on client and project requirements.

Stopson Installation Services

Acoustics Surveys

STOPSON ITALIANA is a specialist in the acoustics of industrial sites and how to address noise concerns. We can carry out the following assessments of your site and recommend the appropriate treatments required:

  • Environmental acoustic measurements: identifying noise levels and spectrums on the property and neighbouring borders
  • Pinpointing noise sources: measurement and calculation of their acoustic power levels
  • 3D simulation: inputting noise sources and the premises' topography to create an acoustic map
  • Processing of data through our software program: pin-pointing noise sources and simulation of treatment scenarios enabling a view of situation with/without acoustic treatment

STOPSON ITALIANA carries out measurements according to current regulations. We can make several kinds of measurements, including:

  • Acoustic measurements of the impact on neighbouring communities (temporal evolution in dBA, Leq measurement, third octave spectrum analysis) from 1.5m to 7m above ground level.
  • Acoustic impact measurements at property fence
  • Residual noise acoustic measurements
  • Exploratory acoustic measurements (acoustic research and characterisation of sound sources, calculation of sound power levels emitted)

On-site Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Measurements

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