A pressurized silencer aiming to reduce the noise generated by valves or compressors.
Being a piece of exclusive design and manufacturing, in-line silencers require deep engineering knowledge, field experience and accurate quality processes to deliver high performing and safe products.

The noise emitted by control valves or compressors in the pipe can be reduced by means of In-line Silencers, properly inserted into the pipe.
After intense testing, Stopson Italiana developed silencers with special materials suitable for sound absorbing in a pressurized environment. In order to allow higher velocities than standard sound absorbing material compared to actual flow density, these materials are not directly exposed to the flow, thus maintaining higher initial acoustic performance.

An In-line Silencer is properly flanged upstream and downstream the pipe. The size of the piping rarely allows to insert the silencer without taking into consideration the diameter variance; more frequently in fact it is required to increase the diameter in order to ensure internal speed control.
According to the pressure of the silencer, the accurate calculation of the actual fluid density will allow proper internal sizing, in order to avoid the risk of losing soundproofing materials into the flow.
When the noise source is a control valve, inline silencers should be installed close after the valve, in order to absorb sound energy as soon as it is created.

Main features of our In-line Silencers are:

  • Small, compact construction and high acoustic performance
  • High flow velocity
  • Available in most used pipe diameters and pressure ranges
  • Wide application range
  • High structure-borne attenuation along the silencer

Our silencers can be hydraulically tested according to applicable standards on various countries and provided with relevant certificates.
Suitable supports can be applied as accessories since the fabrication when an acoustic external lining is necessary upstream silencer body (i.e. cone, nozzles, flanges)


Stopson In-line PED Certified Silencers

Stopson Stainless Steel In-line Silencer

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