These silencers are conceived to be used on diesel and gas engines and, in certain cases, on industrial low/middle power gas turbines. Developed in our research Lab and field-tested on numerous industrial applications, our silencers are based on a absorption and/or resonance sound wave attenuation principle.

5 models of silencers are available depending on the required attenuation performance:

  • SM 15
  • SM 25
  • SM 30
  • SM 40
  • SM 50

The SM silencer nomenclature is also indicating the nominal diameter of the inlet, e.g. SM15 ND 100, SM25 ND 200, SM30 ND 250, SM40 ND 125.

The choice of the silencer shall be based on:

  • Octave band sound pressure or sound power level of engine exhaust
  • Residual sound pressure level desired (at a precisely defined point)
  • or, as an alternative, required sound attenuation level.

Description and operating principle

SM 15/25 Silencer

SM15 and SM25 are absorption-type silencers. The gases go through a sound-proofed passage made of an absorbent lining and an incorporated element. The absorbent material high acoustic efficiency is protected by a perforated steel sheet.
Inlet and outlet pipings are axial.

SM 30 Silencer

SM30 is based on the combined principles of resonance and absorption. The gases enter an expansion chamber lined with an absorbent material held in position by perforated steel sheets, then go through an absorbent sound-proofed passage.
Inlet piping is radial, while outlet piping is axial.

SM 40/50 Silencer

This silencer is based on the combined principles of resonance and absorption. The gases enter a reactive element composed of 2 volumes connected by a Venturi device, then continue through a sound-proofed passage.
Inlet piping can be either radial or axial, outlet piping is axial.


Stopson Engine Double Inlet Exhaust Silencer


Conditions of use
Temperature 450° C
Pressure 4900 Pa

The interior and exterior of the silencer is protected by a coat of high-temperature resistant paint.

SM 15/25 Silencers is positioned within the piping circuit. The direction flow of exhaust gases shall be respected. SM 30/40 Silencers must be positioned as near as possible to the engine. The direction flow of exhaust gases shall be respected.


  • Flanges
  • Counter flanges
  • Seals and bolts
  • Supports for vertical and horizontal installation
  • Stainless steel or other special materials
  • Highly resistant absorptive material for temperatures over 530° C
  • Spark arrestor

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