Absorptive for cold and hot gases, reactive for engines or small boilers exhaust, combined absorptive and reactive for venting systems. Circular or rectangular shape, atmospheric or pressurized for any gas, temperature range 
and applications, providing sound attenuation up to 70 dB and reduce residual noise to a sustainable level.

Vent Silencers

Vent Silencers are designed to reduce noise level of exhaust piping to the atmosphere for pressurized gaseous fluids, such as air, vapour, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc...

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Engine Exhaust Silencers

These silencers are conceived to be used on diesel and gas engines and, in certain cases, on industrial low/middle power gas turbines. Developed in our research ...

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Intake & Stack Silencers

Air filtration systems, silenced inlet ducts, ventilation systems, by-pass stacks and exhaust ducts with splitter silencers: through our wealth of experience in installing engine and boiler packages ...

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Stopson Ventilation & Duct Silencers


Ventilation and Duct Silencers, both of rectangular or cylindrical shape, have been designed to reduce noise level through the duct generated by any sound source, such as fans, conditioning ...

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Stopson industrial In-line Silencers


A pressurized silencer aiming to reduce the noise generated by valves or compressors.
Being a piece of exclusive design and manufacturing, in-line silencers require deep engineering knowledge, field experience and accurate quality processes to deliver high performing and safe products...

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