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Stopson Italiana Acoustic Louvers are the perfect solution for relative moderate noise attenuation on low velocity and large area buildings, plenum openings and enclosures. Acoustic louvers are shallow fixed blade air noise attenuator. The capability of noise reduction is made by serial in-line angled blades which contribute to modify the direction of sound waves.

The linear blade louvre styles and the modular design allow the use of our acoustic louvers in various situations, especially where the space is limited and architectural standards of appearance must be met. The design is specific to guarantee the optimum acoustic and fluid-dynamic performance.

They are composed of an outer metal shell with a perforated profile facing the noise source. The inside of the metal shell is filled with acoustic media to absorb the sound energy once it passes through the blade of the louver.


Stopson Italiana Acoustic Louvers permit the flow of air while shielding the environment from noise. This means they can satisfy a wide range of performance requirements, such as sound attenuation also in restricted areas, in full compliance with compatible pressure losses, combined with an aesthetically pleasing facilities design.

Technical Features


Available in four models, SL-100, SL-150, SL-300 e SL-600, the first ones are single banked, the last one is double banked. All of them, each one with a different pressure loss, have good sound insulation properties at high frequencies.


  • Rugged all-steel galvanized construction
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and other materials also available
  • Sound absorbent non-combustible and rot-proof material
  • Special profile inhibits rain/snow entry
  • Modular sizes enable assembly of rectilinear louvre “walls” of almost any size
  • Louvre blade orientation blocks horizontal line of site, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustic performance
  • Available in a variety of durable, attractive finishes for any architectural requirement


  • Sound abatement
  • Air Flow
  • Available Pressure Drop


Stopson Acoustic Louvers

Typical Applications

Louvers are well suited for applications where space is limited, and the use of standard silencers is impractical.  They are able to fit in small areas due to their lack of depth but tend to be rather large in surface area. Acoustic Louvers are commonly used for building, enclosure, room ventilation and HVAC systems.

Basic parts are made by assembling absorbent lining on a steel frame of unalterable, incombustible and imputrescible mineral wool, and they have a surface finish of perforated steel sheets. In order to prevent the scattering into the environment, absorbent lining is protected by a coat of glass fiber.

The typical applications are listed here:

  • Building Ventilation
  • Fresh air intakes for ventilation systems
  • Mechanical equipment screens
  • Acoustic treatment of movable or fixed access openings
  • Generator Room Intake and Discharge Vents
  • Barrier Wall Systems - Cross Ventilation
  • Cooling Tower Inlet Silencers and Screens
  • Acoustical Enclosure Ventilation
  • Pump Room Ventilation

Accessories and Design Options

Stopson Italiana Acoustic Louvers can be provided with mounting flanges for surface mounting, galvanized and stainless steel mesh for bird, insect and safety screens or even chevron designs for a bigger noise reduction.

Here some optional features:

  • Mounting Flanges for surface mounting
  • Galvanized and stainless steel mesh bird
  • Powder-Coat Finish
  • Structural Design Services for Large Louver Banks and Walls
  • Chevron designs available
  • Doors or sliding elements, upon request

Acoustic Louvers Model SL are available in any size, but usually are provided in standard modules, easy to assemble.  Stopson has 50 years of experience with the application of acoustic louvres in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly.

Do you need to know more details about specifications, functional characteristics and acoustic performance? Please Download our Product flyer on the top of this page, or contact us.



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