Noise reduction in Petrochemical plants

Tackling Noise Containment in Petrochemical facilities: Concept, Principle and Challenges

Oil and gas infrastructure, from extraction, to refining and processing, to pipeline transmission and distribution make use of some of the largest, most powerful, and noisy equipment within the whole industrial sector.

Processes such as hydro-cracking, distillation, liquefaction, and regasification involve large scale compressors, furnaces, gas-turbines, fan-cooled heat exchangers, and large-scale evaporative cooling systems are well known to be noisy.

Acoustical challenges in petrochemical processes

Petrochemical plants face complex acoustical engineering challenges. Petrochemical processes operate largely outdoors, these operations, which include pumps, compressors, blowers, agitators, and coolers, run out in the open, with limited barriers in place to restrict equipment noise from going beyond the confines of the plant.

These plants, as we said, include large numbers of industrial tools and often moving high volumes of air or gas while operating at really high pressures and temperatures. All these combined means that such areas can be exceptionally noisy. Moreover, the large number and variety of equipment within the plant force plant operators to face unique challenges when trying to find a comprehensive solution for noise mitigation.

With noise control and environmental legislation becoming more stringent and the employee health and safety that stay at the forefront of all processing practices, ensuring that noise is effectively mitigated has become a key concern for process plant operators across the petrochemical and chemical processing sector.


Plant operators across the industry should be considering that soundproofing installations are not the same twice, careful consideration must be given to each system’s function, permitted noise levels, and much more to determine the most effective noise control solution for the application. As a result, when it comes to specifying what is the perfect noise mitigation product for on-site equipment in such environments, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and several factors must be analyzed.

Noise control measures for such industrial plant items can be particularly complex to design from an acoustic perspective, given a large number of noise sources. Besides, any housings or anything else that is fitted around the equipment can present significant challenges for the ventilation of the analyzed equipment.

Following an initial consultation path with a leading industrial and environmental noise control manufacturer, is the quickest and most effective way to solve complex noise mitigation challenges.

Stopson Italiana has worked internationally with plant processing engineers and their consulting teams to provide accurate and cost-efficient, site-wide noise assessments and mitigation solutions of industrial sectors such as petrochemical complexes both large and small.





Stopson Italiana solutions for Petrochemical plants


Stopson Italiana approach focuses on providing an optimal acoustic response, which satisfies functional requirements with the best price/performance ratio.

Our offer includes:

    Absorptive for cold and hot gases, reactive for engines or small boilers exhaust, combined absorptive and reactive for venting systems. Circular or rectangular shape, atmospheric or pressurized for any gas, temperature range, and applications, providing sound attenuation up to 70 dB and reduce residual noise to a sustainable level. → KNOW MORE


    Shaped around noisy equipment, indoor or outdoor, on-base or off-base, designed to provide optimum noise attenuation in any critical environment. Made of modular acoustic panels and linings for sound isolation while ensuring equipment maintenance, ventilation, weather protection, and fire safety.KNOW MORE


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