STOPSON ITALIANA S.R.L. operates in the acoustic engineering sector: in particular, it studies technological solutions, designs, and manufactures equipment for noise control in the industrial sector, such as silencers, acoustic hoods, and soundproofing elements for environmental acoustic treatments, also intended for the tertiary sector.
Its presence in this technological sector began in 1965, and continues today in the most recent corporate structure, characterized by management that, starting from previous experience, aims at increasing and controlling its technological know-how, as a strategy for address the current challenges posed by the growing demand for market competitiveness.

The proven experience and the recognized degree of specialization of STOPSON ITALIANA S.R.L. are sought after internationally: the company operates in more than 50 countries and continues to promote itself through a foreign sales network. Its business is presented on the company website, also available in Italian and Spanish.

The corporate structure of STOPSON ITALIANA S.R.L. boasts a technical sector made up of sector specialists, who carry out activities dedicated to the development of technological solutions at the request of customers. The production is entrusted to suppliers with proven experience, subject to strict quality controls on the product, during all phases of the manufacturing process, starting from raw materials, cutting and bending, welding, assembly, transport, and installation on site.

STOPSON ITALIANA S.R.L. intends to pursue objectives of continuous growth and improvement by acting on the aspects that have positively characterized it over time:

  • Focus on customer requirements and high specialization of the finished product;
  • Performance guarantee and regulatory compliance of supplies;
  • Optimization of internal resources and control over suppliers to offer punctuality and quality of the service;
  • Competitiveness at an international level.