1965 STOPSON ITALIANA was founded as subsidiary company of the french group Boët Stopson.

Stopson Group is dated back to 1872 when it was first manufacturing boilers and piping for small local industries, then in 1938 entered the acoustics market for automotive and jet engine silencers, acquiring the STOPSON naming. Since 1957 the Group definitely abandoned the automotive industry and joined the industrial sound-proofing market.

Since its foundation STOPSON ITALIANA is acting in full autonomy with its own expertise, know-how and worldwide reference list covering half-century projects with top firms from the Industry. Stopson Italiana became gradually a world-leading engineering and manufacturing Company active in the noise abatement solutions for the Oil&Gas, Power and Commercial markets.

1972 the Group created its own testing facility equipped with anechoic chamber and reverberation room.

1978 Stopson Italiana became a founding member of CIADI, an association between qualified sound-proofing solutions manufacturers participating to working groups of most international standard organizations and supported also other Italian associations or standards organizations, e.g. ANIMA and UNI.

1985 Stopson supplied complete sound proofing for Ferrari F1 engine test cells with attenuation over than 65 dB(A).

1990 Stopson won its first big contract with Fiat Avio for the supply of soundproofed enclosures for TG50D5 Gas Turbine and its auxiliaries, part of a larger contract with ENEL for repowering of a few Italian power stations.

In the same year, first of sound-proofing manufacturers, had its own ISO9001 Quality System certified.

2001 Stopson won its first big order for on-base and off-base enclosures for PGT 5 and PGT 25+ with General Electric Oil & Gas, Nuovo Pignone.

2002 Boët Stopson merged with IAC Group under new branding IAC Stopson.
Founded in 1949, IAC is the one of the oldest acoustics Company active in the sound-proofing market with more than 650 employees and a global footprint. Being part of a larger international group, allows STOPSON to enhance its position in the European power market and also to increase our ability to develop new products with a state-of-the-art acoustic laboratory.

2003 Stopson supplied a series of 8 enclosuers for LM 2500 Gas Turbine with Fiat Avio for Italian Navy HORIZON frigates

2006 First sets of acoustic enclosures for Gas Turbine, Auxiliaries, Steam Turbines and Generators were delievered to Ansaldo Energia

2011 once again first among silencers manufacturers, Stopson had its SPM silencer diffuser certified according to PED Directive B+C1

2012 the investment fund AEA acquired the IAC Group from Mezzanine fund. The Company went through a substantial re-organization in terms of branding, processes and work force.

Stopson Italiana History since 1965


Logo Stopson Italiana 1978


CISQ ISO9001 Quality System Certification






2015 Our Company celebrates its 50 years anniversary becoming independent and re-acquiring the historical naming STOPSON ITALIANA while keeping the international exposure and local focus.
A big step change in our history also involving staff upgrade, process re-organization and product development to get ready for the new challenging and increasing demand of competitiveness from our clients.
The new Stopson Italiana: building the future, restoring the past.

2020 Stopson Italiana continues to grow thanks to the acquisition of the brand SilencERmarine. The brand was committed to research the best design and construction solutions for marine silencers and related automation solutions. Now being part of Stopson Italiana group, SilencERmarine will continue to deliver high-quality products to satisfy the increasing demand in the marine sector.

New Logo Stopson Italiana 2015