STOPSON ITALIANA's Ethical Code, approved by the society's Governing Board, identifies a few core values as constant guide to the daily work and business conduction of all of Company's collaborators.
The Ethical Code is an essential part of the Organizational, Management and Control Model adopted by STOPSON ITALIANA. It prescribes certain values and principles which STOPSON ITALIANA has committed to worldwide.
The values embodied in Our Vision, the ethical character and integrity of STOPSON ITALIANA’s Governing Board are considered fundamental points of corporate governance.
Each member of the Company is responsible for complying with the Ethical Code, acting on behalf of the company, avoiding any business, financial interests or relationships with Stopson’s competitors. Furthermore, according to the Code, it is forbidden to use confidential Company information, that has not been disclosed to the public, for their own gain or take unfair advantage.
The Company discloses any violations under the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. The employees can review and investigate any reported breach of the Ethycal Code. If the personnel determines that a violation occurred, appropriate remedial or disciplinary action will be taken.
As a key part of Company's enlarged organisation, our Suppliers are required to commit to the latest ethics, health & safety and environmental policies.