Stopson 50th anniversary

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

A new branding for Stopson Italiana. Building the future, restoring the past.

50 years have passed since our Company, Stopson Italiana took its first steps in the acoustical market. Our anniversary is commemorating Company’s foundation as well as a deep change and transformation in processes and organization.
Stopson Italiana resumes its historical name under a new and modern branding, launches a new web site and a customer campaign to update on the recent changes in organization and independency while keeping its long-term footprint in the market.
Furthermore, the renewal involves all aspects of the business activity, including staff upgrade, process re-organization and product development to get ready for the new challenging and increasing demand of competitiveness from our clients.
Since 1965 the Company has always taken up issues about noise pollution problem, providing engineering support for the energy and industrial market, in designing and manufacturing silencers, acoustic enclosures, sound-proofing structures and test facilities. During these decades Stopson Italiana has gradually weaved a solid canvas of human, working and economic relationships all over the world. Experience, technical knowledge, quality and innovation of Stopson Italiana are the guarantee of reliability we built our customers’ trust and loyalty upon.
Our 50th anniversary, we owe it to all of our customers and partners.
Learning from experience, we are set to build our future to enhance our efficiency and drive customers’ competitiveness.