STOPSON ITALIANA has been providing noise reduction solutions to the power generation market for over 50 years.
Through the provision of enclosures, exhaust systems, filtration packages and containers, we are able to provide individual aspects or a complete package to your Combustion Engine and Generator set installation.

Filtration & Ventilation Enclosures

Combustion engines and generators sets are typically located in specialist plant rooms which house the sets and any other ancillary equipment. By housing generators in an enclosed space, this poses a challenge from ensuring the engines are well ventilated in order for them to run efficiently. Another factor which must be taken into consideration for generators installed in enclosures is the impact and potential build up of noise and reverberation.

STOPSON is able to provide a complete solution to all ventilation requirements for enclosed combustion engine sets including acoustic splitters and acoustic louvres. These products serve the purpose of ensuring the correct level on ventilation is achieved, whilst minimising the effect of noise in areas adjacent to the plant room.

In addition to the acoustic requirements for an engine set installation, we are also able to provide a suitable level of filtration, ensuring the air entering the combustion chamber is as pure as possible.

Stopson Combustion Engine Enclosure & Ventilation
Marine Engine Test Cell

Exhaust Silencers

STOPSON ITALIANA is able to offer a complete range of exhaust gas silencers for both diesel and gas engines. Our range of silencers is based on reactive and absorptive principles and in some cases, a combination of the two to provide the most effective sound reduction levels:

  • Absorptive engine silencer: 15dB(A) to 25dB(A) (type SM15P and SM25P)
  • Reactive and wave phase shift: 30dB(A) to 50dB(A) (type SM30P and SM40P)

Engine exhaust silencers reduce engine exhaust noise from all types of internal combustion engines including petrol, diesel or gas. Our exhaust silencers have been installed all over the world and provide an ideal solution to reducing noise not only from power generation, but also for mining, railway and marine applications. Our exhaust silencers have the following key characteristics:

  • Allaround applications: co-generation, containers, mining, marine, rail, generation unit
  • Circular, rectangular, or oval design
  • Wide range of materials to suit specific applications
  • Radial or axial intakes
  • To satisfy the current environmental requirement, all silencers can be supplied with catalysts or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems
  • Standard and bespoke design

In addition to our range, we do also offer special or tailor made silencers to suit customer specific requirements. Our standard engine exhaust silencers are capable to offer a noise reduction of 15dB(A) to 50dB(A) using single units. However, if a greater noise reduction is required then this is possible by the use of multi-stage units.

A full accessory range of flanges, bellows, elbows, gaskets, nuts/bolts are available to compliment the silencer range. Other options include:

  • The ability to integrate catalytic converters into the engine silencers
  • Spark-arrestors are also available and can be supplied separately or integrated in silencers to comply with electrical and mechanical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX) standard.

Genset room soundproofing

Generator Acoustic Enclosure

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