We officially announce the birth of Stopson Türkiye

Stopson Italiana merge forces with two Turkish leaders of manufacturing to give birth to Stopson Türkiye, its first foreign entity.


The partnership

The project brings together three companies that were already part of a well-established partnership since 2016: Stopson Italiana, Modcon Makina, and Prodinox Metal.

Stopson Italiana has been pioneering the acoustic sector for more than 50 years designing and manufacturing Silencers and soundproofing solutions, as well as providing engineering support for the energy and industrial market.

Modcon Makina is a young manufacturing organization offering high-quality service packages for industrial facilities, which leverages cutting-edge technology and extensive production know-how with a special focus on carbon steel products.

Prodinox Metal is a company specialized in stainless steel manufacturing, also providing architectural and engineering of facade systems using different technical procedures, primarily focused on leading customers of different sectors such as construction, power, oil, gas, defence and chemicals industries.


The Turkish soundproofing sector

Türkiye’s industrial sector is currently witnessing a rapid growth, especially as regards manufacturing, construction, and energy production.

It is also observed a recent increase of the awareness among Turkish businesses about the essentiality of acoustic insulation to make industrial environments safer, enhance productivity, and decrease noise-related damages.

Against this backdrop, there is an expanding demand for soundproofing solutions designed to tackle noise pollution, also driven by the stricter regulations backed by the Turkish government.


The new company

Stopson Türkiye will therefore benefit from the extensive experience of each of the three players. This collaboration is expected to be a win-win situation for the companies involved with a view toward providing customers with products and services of greater quality and reliability.

Thanks to this partnership, Stopson Italiana’s will introduce its products to the Turkish market. At the same time, the new company will be an option for manufacturing acoustics and related components for Stopson Italiana’s customers at a global level.

We can now proudly combine our different know-hows and join forces into a single, stronger entity to meet all the customer needs.