Stopson Italiana provided EI180 Soundproofing Doors for F1 Test Cells

Stopson Italiana’s case study

Throughout the course of the last two years, Stopson Italiana has concluded the installation of 4 Double Acoustic and Fire-resistant Doors with a single hinged to the benefit of the F1 racing department in Maranello, Modena, Italy.

The 1st door has been delivered in August 2021, the 2nd, and the 3rd door in August 2022, while the 4th in December 2022.

The 4 doors guarantee an EI 180 of classified fire insulation rate and provide a complete sound attenuation as well.

The equipment is composed of external and internal doors.

The former, not exposed to fire, include a casing realized by bended steel plate, closed with a metal sheet on external side and with perforated sheet on the hot side. They have a size of approx. 2400X1800X120 (height*width*thickness).

The latter, directly exposed to fire, have a size of 2300X1500X80 (height*width*thickness).

The Doors are equipped with an insulating core, composed of two layers of thickness rock wool, and with a floating metal sheet placed between the first and the second layers.

Stopson Italiana already partnered to provide a complete soundproofing solution for the same F1 engines test cells in 2004. The recent supply confirms our extraordinary customers return rate as a proof of performance, reliability and definitely leadership in the market.

Stopson Italiana’s soundproofing offering includes internal and external doors for commercial buildings and studios. Stopson Italiana’s fire-resistant and sound attenuation solutions are designed to comply with all the construction regulations according to essential quality, performance, and reliability criteria.