Noise reduction in Pulp Mills and Paper Facilities

Tackling noise attenuation in Pulp Mills: major concepts and challenges

Paper and pulp facilities ordinarily make great use of noisy equipment that is likely to turn into a noise source. In such cases, they need accurate and effective soundproofing strategies.

The major sources in question are mostly vacuum pump exhausts, which are involved in many processes such as machine room ventilation. Nevertheless, a many industry-related processes – including raw material preparation, pulp bleaching, paper manufacturing, and fiber recycling – can be acknowledged as additional causes of high noise pollution in pulp mills.

Potential solutions for noise abatement in Pulp Mills: how can harmful sound be eradicated

The noise control target defines the scope and costs of the soundproofing performances. First of all, costs can immediately be saved (or simply reduced) whether the selected noise control design starts at the early stage of a project.

Secondly, we can achieve results in terms of noise abatement during a further stage which implies deploying absorptive silencers, resonators or enclosures, depending on the noise level requirements.

Active Noise Control (ANC) is another potentially efficient technology for reducing noise in pulp mills, especially at lower frequencies. In ANC action, noise is canceled by sensors and actuators employing ElectroMechanical Film Technology (EMFi), performing as an active element; as a matter of fact, achieving noise reduction at lower frequency making use of passive solutions might be a challenging.

Our offering for Paper and Pulp Mill applications

Stopson Italiana can count on a wide range of products that can represent and ideal solution for Paper Mill applications as well, including Air Filtration, Duct Silencer, Acoustic Enclosures and Barriers, Steam Vent Silencers.

Specifically, our Vent Silencers are thought to reduce the noise level of exhaust piping to the atmosphere for pressurized gaseous fluids, such as air, vapor, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. They can be installed downstream any device acting as a link between a container of pressurized gaseous fluid and the atmosphere. The Vent Silencer can also provide high or low back pressure relief for the system ensuring proper operation.

Vent Silencers can be reactive, absorptive or combined, depending on applications and required attenuation, which can reach as much as 75 dB(A).

Moreover, Stopson Italiana’s Blow-Off Silencers are currently available for rental in three models that cover the entire range of flow rates:

  • SPM 20-70/B: 20-70 t/h capacity range, from 1.2 bar inlet pressure;
  • SPM 70-120/B: 70-120 t/h capacity range, from 5 bar inlet pressure;
  • SPM 120-250/B: 120-250 t/h capacity range, from 8 bar inlet pressure.

See more about our Silencers here.