Stopson Italiana Vent Silencers to soundproof OMSK Oil refinery plant in Russia

No. 3 Vent Silencers supplied to one of Russia’s most modern refineries.

OMSK Refinery – Russia: With an installed capacity of 22.23 million tonnes of oil per year, the Omsk Refinery processed 21 million tonnes in 2018, maintaining its leading position in Russia by refining volumes. The Omsk Refinery also leads the industry in terms of key performance indicators in production efficiency, with its light product yield reaching 71.04 percent in 2019, and refining depth 90.89 percent.

The Omsk refinery in Russia has been undergoing full-scale modernization since 2008 including an upgrade to producing fuels meeting Euro 5 standard in phase one of the modernization program that was completed in 2015. Scheduled for deployment within 2021, the phase two project is aimed at increasing the refining depth to 97% and boosting the light petroleum products yield to 80%.

The various technological processes used at the Omsk Refinery are among the most advanced available in refining today, and they needed to be paired with the best soundproofing products to keep performance and ensure noise reduction.


The project – which has been recently delivered – includes the supply of N°3 Vent Silencers featuring the following characteristics:

  • 1 V.S. – 750 kg, Flow rate 12 t/h, Temp. up to 538 °C
  • 2 V.S. – 2375 kg, Flow rates 30,9 t/h, Temp. up to 300 °C

Vent silencers are capable to achieve a global noise attenuation up to 70 dB, depending on the

cases, with a target result of 76 and 78 dB(A) @ 1 meter from the equipment.

Welding processes and qualifications as well as all materials involved are certified for low-temperature environmental conditions in order to withstand a minimum design temperature equal to -37°C for pressure parts and -42°C for atmospheric components.

Moreover, due to the rigid climate with a minimum ambient temperature of -49°C, all silencers are equipped with an Anti-freezing Steam System that increased the complexity of the design due to various flange connections to accommodate the coils system on a limited surface along with all required accessories for external insulation, lifting and supporting systems.

Stopson Italiana Vent Silencers

Stopson Italiana has a wide range of products for Refinery applications, including Air Filtration, Duct Silencers, Acoustic Enclosures and Barriers, In-Line Silencers, and Steam Vent Silencers.

Our Vent Silencers are designed to reduce the noise level of exhaust piping to the atmosphere for pressurized gaseous fluids, such as air, vapor, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. They can be installed downstream of any device acting as a link between a container of pressurized gaseous fluid and the atmosphere. The vent silencer can also provide high or low back pressure relief for the system ensuring proper operation.

Vent silencers can be reactive, absorptive, or combined type depending on applications and required attenuation, which can reach as much as 75 dB(A).

Typical Applications for Vent Silencers are:

  • Safety Valve (PSV)
  • Relief valve (PRV)
  • Control valve
  • Ejector
  • Startup valve
  • Snort-valve
  • Flash and Blowdown Tanks
  • Blow-off

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