Stopson Italiana In-Line Silencers installed in the new Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Stopson Italiana’s solutions chosen to soundproof the new Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). 10 silencers take their place in crucial points along the pipeline to provide a noise reduction up to 30 dB.

TAP is a pipeline project to transport natural gas, starting from Greece via Albania and the Adriatic Sea to Italy and further to Western Europe.

The pipeline would be supplied by natural gas from the second stage of the Shah Deniz (Azerbaijan) gas field development in the Azerbaijani section of the Caspian Sea through the South Caucasus Pipeline and the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP). The project is aimed at enhancing the security of supply as well as diversification of gas supplies for the European markets. TAP will open a new so-called Southern Gas Corridor to Europe and market outlet for natural gas from the Caspian Sea and Middle East regions and is designed to expand transportation capacity from 10 to 20 BCM per year depending on the stage of the Project.

Stopson Italiana is taking part in the project with its soundproofing solutions. Due to the large scale of the project, the 10 silencers will be installed in specific and crucial points along the pipeline.

  • Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Receiving Terminal – Melendugno, Italy
  • Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Compressor Station – Kipoi, Greece
  • Nr 3 Silencers – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Compressor Station – Fier, Albania
  • Nr 1 Silencer – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Metering Station – Bilisht, Albania

Our offering for Pipelines

Silencer typology: In-Line Silencer

In-Line Silencers are pressurized silencers aiming to reduce the noise generated by valves or compressors.

Being a piece of exclusive design and manufacturing, in-line silencers require deep engineering knowledge, field experience, and accurate quality processes to deliver high performing and safe products.

The peculiarity of the chosen solution is that noise attenuation is achieved by means of a reactive component only, without the use of an absorbing section.

Stopson Italiana provides for all the silencers the contractual acoustic guarantee of sound energy in a fluid vein resulting in an approx 30 dB attenuation!


Features of Stopson Italiana In-line Silencers are:

  • Small, compact construction and high acoustic performance
  • High flow velocity
  • Available in most used pipe diameters and pressure ranges
  • Wide application range
  • High structure-borne attenuation along with the silencer

Stopson Italiana In-Line Silencers are used to control noise produced by valves in piping systems. The In-Line silencer reduces the aerodynamic noise resulting from gas or vapor turbulence. The In-Line silencers are not the only soundproofing solution Stopson Italiana has in its arsenal.

Silencers in a circular or rectangular shape, atmospheric or pressurized for any gas, temperature range, and applications providing sound attenuation up to 70 dB and reduce residual noise to a sustainable level.


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