Soundproofing for Manufacturing Facilities

What are the challenges for sound insulation in industrial buildings and facilities?

Sound insulation in industrial buildings and factories has two main goals: to reduce noise for employees in the facility and soundproofing for the outside.
This should prevent noise from becoming a problem for neighbors and residents.

Noise in Manufacturing Processes

Soundproofing for large manufacturing factories and facilities is a challenging task mostly because there are several noisy types of equipment that usually run at the same time within the complex:

  • Vibrating panels
  • Fans
  • Air-flow
  • Impact processes
  • Engines
  • Processors
  • Other manufacturing equipment

The large number and variety of equipment within the plant force plant operators to face unique challenges when trying to find a comprehensive solution for noise mitigation.

This combination of different noise sources can contribute to the overall noise levels. But it is not only the numerous sound sources in the facility that influence the selection of the right sound insulation elements but also the structural features of the environment in which the source takes place. For example, Sound-reflecting surfaces, e.g. concrete, stone, or metal, along with high ceilings and wide rooms, can cause strong reverberation and long reverberation times.

Sound Insulation for Manufacturing

How the noise is controlled is dependent on the source. For instance, external noise caused by HVAC units or process pumps is assessed and treated differently to internal noise sources such as plant machinery.

There are several possibilities for soundproofing in manufacturing facilities. Noise can be dampened, for example, by using soundproofing solutions on individual machines and devices such as acoustic enclosures or different types of silencers.

Because of the variety of contributing noise sources in this kind of facility, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Due to the complexity of the acoustical challenges this sector face, a tailored solution is required to ensure the deployment of effective noise control systems.

Following an initial consultation path with a leading industrial and environmental noise control manufacturer, is the quickest and most effective way to solve complex noise mitigation challenges.

Stopson Italiana has worked internationally with plant processing engineers and their consulting teams to provide accurate and cost-efficient, site-wide noise assessments and mitigation solutions of industrial sectors such as petrochemical complexes both large and small.





Stopson Italiana solutions for Manufacturing plants


Stopson Italiana provides a complete solution to help our customers control manufacturing complex’s noise concerns. Innovative engineering and design solutions deal with practical challenges when implementing our soundproofing systems.

Working on-site with HSE, Operation, and Plant Managers, we believe that effective noise control is a cooperative process between Stopson Italiana and our clients. From initial assessment and noise sources identification to the final result, we provide tailor-made noise control solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers and their industries.

Our offer includes:

    Absorptive for cold and hot gases, reactive for engines or small boilers exhaust, combined absorptive and reactive for venting systems. Circular or rectangular shape, atmospheric or pressurized for any gas, temperature range, and applications, providing sound attenuation up to 70 dB and reduce residual noise to a sustainable level. → KNOW MORE


    Shaped around noisy equipment, indoor or outdoor, on-base or off-base, designed to provide optimum noise attenuation in any critical environment. Made of modular acoustic panels and linings for sound isolation while ensuring equipment maintenance, ventilation, weather protection, and fire safety.KNOW MORE


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