Enel Green Power soundproofs the Generation Group No. 3 of hydroelectric power plant in Bordogna with Stopson Italiana’s Acoustic Enclosures

Included in the supply are the ante-operam surveys, the design, the construction, the installation and the phonometric measurements of an acoustic booth, for the historic plant in Moio de Calvi, val Brembana.


The soundproofing intervention consisting of an acoustic enclosure for the Enel Green Power plant in Bordogna has recently been completed.

The acoustic cabin was designed to be installed inside the beautiful power plant built in 1932 which, exploiting a useful jump of 546.55 meters and a maximum derivable flow of 12 square meters/sec through two forced pipes that feed 3 hydraulic turbines Pelton is in able to provide efficient power of around 47,000 KW.

Acoustic Enclosure, Bordogna Hydroelectric Plant (Italy)

With a size of 11.6 x 11.1 x 3.8 m, the structure has been made accessible and completely removable by means of a bridge crane in its upper part, in order to facilitate the management of the turbine components.

The air outlet from the system has been designed using an electric fan, which, when coupled to a silencer, expels air outside the plant through an opening located on the central window.

The soundproof cabin was designed to guarantee an average residual sound pressure level of 78 dB (A), measured at 1 m from the cabin and 1.7 m from the floor.

Stopson Italiana acoustic enclosures are modeled around every type of noisy equipment, internal or external, on skid and on the ground. They are designed to provide excellent attenuation of sound emissions in any critical environment. The realization takes place in modular acoustic panels and coatings for noise insulation, guaranteeing at the same time the maintenance of the equipment, ventilation, weather protection and fire safety.


The typical applications of acoustic enclosures are:

  • Energy production systems, including gas turbine steam turbines, traditional and industrial recovery boilers, diesel generators;
  • Cogeneration plants (CHP);
  • Natural gas compression networks and facilities;
  • Manufacturing and process industry: for example the automotive industry, paper industries, printing houses, etc.


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