Stopson Italiana exhibits at PowerGen Asia 2016

After its recent participation to Power-Gen Europe, Stopson will fly to Seoul to present its new brand and showcase the technological excellence of its products and services.

For all those attending, Stopson Italiana will make available its technical expertise to support any demanding requirements to develop new sound-proofing solutions in the Power Industry.

POWER-GEN Asia has, over its 24 year history, become the leading force in delivering a platform for the power industry to meet, share information on the challenges facing the power industry and discuss solutions for advancing Asia’s energy future.

Visit us at Power-Gen Asia, booth E53!



Attracting over 8,300 delegates and attendees from more than 85 countries across South East Asia and around the world, it is the industry’s premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy and transmission and distribution industries. Benefit from four days packed with technical tours, more than 50 conference sessions, panel discussions, a comprehensive exhibition and multiple networking events as we move the event outside of the ASEAN region for the first time in over a decade. With its rising prominence in the global economy, developing Asia’s energy capacity has become a major focus within the marketplace. Asia’s energy needs will expand in tandem with its growing economic influence. Expanding renewable energy sources will not be enough to meet future demand alone. Consequently, Asia needs to invest in making conventional power cleaner and more efficient.
Since 1965 Stopson Italiana has been considered one of the largest provider of noise control solutions such as silencers, enclosures, vent equipment and test facilities for any industrial applications.
Power-Gen Asia 2016, will take place this year in Seoul, September 20-22, and Stopson Italiana will be exhibiting at Booth E53.

Stopson Italiana delivers 30 Vent Silencers to Karbala Refinery in Iraq

Flawless completion of the supply to HDGSK JV for the SCOP refinery plant in Karbala province.

Stopson Italiana has recently completed delivery of 30 silencers to be installed at Karbala Oil Refinery in Iraq for HDGSK JV, the joint venture led by Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HEC) with GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, SK Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Hyundai Engineering Company Limited.

The whole supply has been divided into three batches applicable to different plant sections:

  • 10 vent silencers for the chemical equipment section including vacuum distillation, i.e. steam and mix of steam and methanol or H2, with flow rates from 10 to 40 t/h, temperatures from 388 °C to 456 °C, noise levels 85-90 dB(A) @ 1 m.
  • 15 vent silencers for the petroleum processing section, i.e. steam, mix steam air and N2 with flow rates from 0.5 to 33 t/h, temperatures from 194 °C to 375 °C, noise level 85 dB(A) @ 1 m.
  • 5 vent silencers for the utilities section, i.e.HP-LP-MP-Start-Up steam, with flow rates from 6.6 to 73 t/h, temperatures from 220 °C to 400 °C, noise level 90 dB(A) @ 1 m.

All silencers have been engineered according to the highly demanding EPC and end user’s technical specifications and manufactured in Italy in special materials, including stainless steel for internal components.

2015-11-30 10.42.55Stopson’s Vent Silencers can be installed downstream any device acting as a link between a container of pressurized gaseous fluid and the atmosphere. The vent silencer can also provide high or low back pressure relief for the system ensuring proper operation.

Vent silencers can be reactive, absorptive or combined type depending on applications and required attenuation, which can reach as much as 75 dB(A).
SPM Vent Silencers, used for higher flows and back pressure, are based on a combined reactive and absorptive principle for noise reduction: the gases expand to atmospheric pressure through a perforated diffuser, providing a first important step in attenuation; the flow evolves into a sound-absorbing lining section to further contribute to reach required noise residual level.PSP

PSP Vent Silencers, used for lower flows and back-pressures, feature an expansion chamber upstream the final absorptive section with no diffuser at the inlet.

A special sound-proofed weather hood is finally heading flow and noise upward, while delivering an effective rain protection and drainage.

Typical Applications for vent silencers are:

  • Safety Valve (PSV)
  • Relief valve (PRV)
  • Control valve
  • Ejector
  • Start up valve
  • Snort-valve
  • Flash and Blow Down Tanks

Oil market rocked by new Russia-Saudi Arabia deal

Saudi Arabia and Russia agree on oil co-operation that could limit supply.

The news has been spread around in a matter of seconds. Saudi Arabia and Russia together for an ‘historic’ oil market co-operation.
The core of the deal has been focused on the output’s limitation, with the aim to boost the oil prices sharply higher to tackle a global glut. In a joint-statement taken place during the the G-20 summit in China (last Monday), Russia and Saudi Arabia recognized the need to contain excess volatility in the market (source Telegraph). The two oil giants will thereby establish a working group to monitor the market and draft recommendations to keep oil prices steady and ensure solid investments in the industry. Crude oil futures rallied heavily in the build-up to the announcement and pared back slightly afterward. WTI futures for October remained over 3 percent higher on the day, however, at a little under $46 per barrel.
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the countries are now discussing the details of a supply freeze deal ahead of an informal meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec), together with Russia, later this month in Algeria. “We are considering a production freeze as the most efficient tool, concrete parameters are being discussed at the moment,” he argued.
One of the other hot topic concerned the agreement between the two countries to exchange information and experience about new technologies in the oil and gas, and power generation sectors. Considering the several attempts to boost crude prices by freezing OPEC’s output have fallen in the past, the present deal seems to be presented as “historic moment” by the same Novak, particularly because Saudi Arabia has been wedded to keeping output high to hold market share.
In facts, Saudi Arabia is de facto leader of the oil cartel, but Russia is not a member.