Sliding Enclosures for
Valve Station

Pipeline Valve Stations, Various, Italy - 2011/2015

Sliding sound-proofed hoods on reducing pressure complex for natural gas distribution plants. Full stainless teel construction. Certified in accordance to ATEX Directive. Sound pressure abatement of 30 dB(A) on the typical noise generated by the valves group.

Vent Silencers for Petrochemical
Process Plant

Ruwais Petrochemical Complex, UAE - 2010

Steam vent silencers on safety and start-up valves. Residual sound pressure levels not higher than 115 dB(A) on safety valves and 85 dB(A) on start-up valves. Flow rates from 12 to 23 kg/s. temperatures between 250 °C to 360 °C.

Gas Turbine Enclosure, Intake
and Exhaust Stack Silencers

Terranuova Bracciolini Pipeline Station, Arezzo, Italy - 2004

Unit buildings on turbo-compressor groups, exhaust silencers and stacks, filtration houses and intake silencers on a Solar Mars 100 SoLoNox gas turbine. Residual sound pressure level not higher than 48 dB(A) at 80 m distance from the complex. Exhaust gases flow rate 98 m3/s. Exhaust gas temperature 470 °C. Max pressure drop at intake, dirty filters, < 100 mm H2O.

Enclosures for PGT25
Turbocompressor Units

Korba Pipeline Station, Tunisia - 2007

Unit buildings on turbo-compressors groups for PGT 25 GE. 2 bridge cranes inside 22 and 5 metric tons. Ventilation flow rate 140.000 m3/h assured by 4 axial fans (2x50%). Residual sound power level coming out from any ventilation opening or from entire building not higher than 76 dB(A).